Convert Customer Intent into Revenue Growth.

Growth AI for SaaS

SaaS at scale is

rife with challenges


With thousands of light

touch customers,

Growth by intuition

doesn't cut it.



Growth AI takes out the guesswork

Our ML engine listens to and learns from all your customer interactions.

StepFunction empowers you with actionable analytics and growth predictions. Our end-to-end solution adjusts to your current state of readiness.

Surfaces hidden behaviour patterns

Recommends targeted actions


Improves retention within 30 days


How it works



Multi-Dimensional Listening


Growth AI starts with ingesting operational data from different systems of record - CRM, Billing, Care/Support, Product Usage and Customer Feedback.

Mastering Data for AI


Mastering data preparation leads to a stepfunction improvement
in business predictions.

Group 2408.png

"Plug in" System of Intelligence

StepFunction coexists with your systems of record and does not interfere

with your existing Customer Success workflows.


A glimpse into our Product

Understand your Revenue


Deep dive into your revenue to account for 

New, Upgrades, Stable, Downgrades and Churn. Historical trends and future predictions by cohort are just a click away. 


Next Best Actions


Get insights in the form of risk scores

to proactively target customers with

the highest scores and recommended

actions for treatment.

Risk journeys with explainability


Instantly discover how your

customer risk is changing and most importantly have us show you why

it's changing.

Meet our leadership team

Navneet Singh

Co-founder & CEO

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Tej Kohli

Co-founder & CCO

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Our advisors and investors

Steve Kishi

Managing Director,

Hummer Winblad Venture Partners

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Manu Rekhi

Managing Director,

Inventus Capital

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K. Kambhampati

Partner, Cloquet Capital & 

Visiting Faculty, Cornell Tech

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