Automate Your
Customer Intuition

Flying blind isn’t an option. Rule-of-thumb heuristics aren’t much better. Use predictive AI to grow revenue and help your customers more effectively.

Let us run a pilot on your real data to prove our effectiveness.

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We Make Your Existing Process more effective

You already have customer success systems in place. Keep them. Our powerful algorithms find patterns across your data to guide your workflows more effectively. Configure our system with an intuitive graphics interface, and customize it with low-code simplicity.

Be Proactive

  • Upsell Opportunities
  • New Customer Prospects
  • Downgrade Warnings
  • At-Risk Predictions

Track and Predict
Your Revenue

  • NRR growth projections
  • Historical NRR by cohort
  • Growth breakdown by customers
  • Distribution of customers

Plan Your Growth

  • Trailing Churn
  • Predicted Churn
  • NRR by Cohort
  • Customer Health

StepFunction is an Early Warning System. It’s also an Early Opportunity System.

Discover intent earlier. StepFunction identifies the silent churners and latent leads early enough so you can positively influence their decisions. The system provides prioritized, actionable steps and provides clear-English reasons for every recommendation.

How We Turn Raw Data Into Recommended Actions

StepFunction ingests data from dozens of sources and continually searches for correlations between signals and outcomes—in other words, between behavior and intent. Forget rule-based systems. StepFunction is easier to set up, more powerful, and more automated so you can successfully manage a long-tail, low-touch customer base. Every customer score includes the reasoning behind the recommendation.

3 Simple Steps to Success


Prepare your data inputs

Connect and clean with simple, powerful low-code tools

Prioritize business objectives

Direct the AI to get you maximum impact today and tomorrow

Optimize confidently

Leverage detailed recommendations for timely customer outreach

StepFunction balances
complex considerations to optimize your revenue

The StepFunction AI system is constantly identifying and testing correlations between thousands of data points and customer outcomes. The clear, clean interface belies the sophisticated algorithms and complex decision-making under the hood.

Which customer is thinking about leaving–but can still be profitably saved?

Not every customer is worth the same. Subscription value and customer service requests all inform a ranked outreach list with calibrated retention offerings.

How does the system handle treated customers?

The moment a CSM interacts with a customer—offering a discount in exchange for a fresh subscription commitment, for example—the system needs to account for the intervention and track the outcome.

How should we account for changes?

Features change. Prices change. Your customers change.
Forget brittle rules based on intuition. Let StepFunction’s algorithms continually uncover and optimize correlation and causality between signals and actions.

What’s your LTV?

Simple methods of calculating lifetime value of your customer won’t get you far. StepFunction has active, flexible, self-adjusting metrics that assess expected revenue and churn rate for individual customers and shifting cohorts of customers. This allows you to optimize marketing spend and retention offerings.

Still think it may not work in your environment? A blind test on your actual data will convince you